The Fourth Conversation Website

The creation/evolution debate has been bubbling for several years in our community, but there still seem to be numerous misunderstandings about what those who endorse an evolutionary view of creation actually believe. I wrote the Fourth Conversation as an attempt to address these misunderstandings and to positively explain the details of an evolutionary creation, and why those of us who have acquiesced to the evidence have done so.

Recent publications in our community show that this position is still widely misunderstood, and as a result many of the arguments against it are based on fabrications and assumptions.  I’ve decided to reformat the book into a website so that the content is publicly available.

To quote two paragraphs from the book…

"To be clear, I’m not asking or expecting readers to agree with this position, although to be honest, I do hope that these notes might be useful for those who are on that journey of discovery inspired by their passion for the sciences, and who are grounded by a faith and trust in God. I also hope that it will benefit those who are struggling to understand someone else’s point of view who has already made this journey."

"As Johannes Kepler said, “Praise and celebrate with me the wisdom and magnitude of the Creator, which I lay open before you by means of a deeper explanation of the structure of the world, by the search for its causes…”"