What the…???

I have previously made the point about how our community’s speakers don’t do themselves or their credibility any favours with some of the arguments they raise against an evolutionary method of creation – and it seems that the Lampstand has done it again.

In this article, it describes the how the body processes oxygen. It then finishes with this “crucial question”:

…if the body cannot survive for longer than 5 minutes without oxygen, how possibly could a human being survive if this system of oxygen transfer is taking millions of years to evolve? The answer is that the body could not survive. It needs a mechanism to bring air into the body, a mechanism to dissolve the gas into a chemical, a mechanism to transport it around the body and a mechanism to remove the waste. If all of this is not working within 5 minutes, then life as we know it would not exist….”. [Emphasis mine]

What the heck???

But let’s think about this…

  • What if human beings (i.e. Homo Sapiens) DIDN’T take “millions of years” to evolve?
  • What if there is life that DOESN’T need oxygen to survive – you know, like bacteria, tardigrades, and Loricifera?
  • What if there was evidence of ancient/fossilised organisms that actually produced oxygen instead of deriving energy from it – like stromatolites?

I probably shouldn’t adopt such a snarky tone, but really, given the Lampstand is driving so hard to make this a fellowship issue, one would think that they would do better research than this.